JUSThood method®

JUSThood method is based on participatory and interactive process where a set of cards is used to imagine scenarios and map ideas on the maps.

WHAT IF cards

What-if cards provide different scenarios of the future to help participants to imagine how the neighborhood would look in a particular situation. What-if questions are connected to human and non-human personas in cities to emphasize their agency and foster equity in the urban environment. In addition, “bonus” questions have been developed which are not connected to personas, but ask to imagine different scenarios in general (e.g. global warming, flooding, pandemic, etc.).


Persona cards help participants to imagine human and non-human persona to which the What-if scenario refers (e.g. child). The card describes the characteristics, needs, and preferences of the persona. Personas are used to communicate the needs of different stakeholders, who would otherwise be excluded from the design process.


Urban design cards help participants to imagine the physical layout of the neighborhood within each scenario.

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