Who can use JUSThood?

We help a variety of stakeholders to bring spatial equity principles through imagination on the table.

JUSThood approach along with its tools can be used by various stakeholders depending on their goal.


We help communities and community leaders to uncover their visions for urban places and formulate them into concrete strategy and master plans, which can be delivered to public authorities or look for funding opportunities.

Public authority

We help you to design and implement community engagement strategy in a creative and innovative way.

Urban professional

We help you to embed spatial equity principles and facilitate community engagement processes in design of your projects. Our approach is based on an innovative and engaging process led by design-driven and futures-based methods that has been proven to be more efficient and creative comparing to conventional and traditional participatory methods.

Real estate developer

Developing new estates go beyond creating physical layout and establishing business processes. The changing paradigm of inclusive planning and delivering social value through the projects forces you to adopt new approaches. We help you (1) to bring spatial equity and inclusive principles in design of your projects, and (2) build trust with your customers and institutions.

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