JUSThood methodology consists of three phases.

PHASE 1: Cooperation with community leaders

In the first phase, we work with community leaders to diagnose the neighbourhood area. In addition, the JUSThood mentor introduces the concept of spatial equity and importance of masterplanning. The goal is to leverage on and enhance the role of community leaders in the neighbourhoods.

PHASE 2: Participatory futures workshops with resident

In the second phase, we conduct a participatory workshop with residents based on JUSThood method. The method is based on design-driven approach and is conducted in the form of the game. The goal of the workshop is to create future scenarios of the neighbourhood based on the What-If questions, Persona and Urban Design cards.

PHASE 3: Developing masterplans

In the third phase, the input of residents from the workshops is translated and developed into master plans. The goal is to democratise and make masterplans more accessible and visible to inhabitants.

Activities | PHASE 1

  • Neighborhood profile

  • Behaviour profile

Activities | PHASE 2

Activities | PHASE 3

  • Masterplan

  • Strategy

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