Three pillars

JUSThood pillars are central topics that stand behind the methodology.

1. Spatial Equity

We work towards changing the urban design principles based on spatial equity. Historically, the design of cities and products was informed by and responded to the standard of man. In addition, we call for moving away from the dominant human-centered approach and integrate non-human perspectives.

2. Participatory Futures

We work with participatory futures approach that stands at the intersection of public engagement and future studies. The goal is to devise the course of future development of the urban area and community’s life by exploring the number of possible futures in a creative way. Participatory futures is used to help people diagnose problematic issues, analyse opportunities and develop collective images of the futures they want.

3. Masterplanning

We use master plans as a medium for collaboration. We create small-scale (neighborhood, square, street-based) and flexible master plans to bring a bottom-up approach by democratising masterplanning process.

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